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Working with Existing Inventory

Solution →Find an inventory item by either entering the stock number or a part description in the area circled in blue below. Or, alternatively, you can use the scroll bar to scan the list or do an advance search using the “Find” button at the bottom of the screen. This button allows you to specify the information you wish to search.

→If you need to modify an inventory item that is already in the system, the “Edit” button (located on the "Stock List" page) will take you to the screen described in the "Stocking Inventory" section where you can make the necessary adjustments to the item. Alternatively, you can just double click any field in the item description and you will be taken to the same "Edit" screen.

→From the stock list on the Inventory Screen, you can cross reference an inventory item with the same item on other vendors, such as Ebay. Just choose an item from the pull-down list and then click the green arrow to the right of the field.

→To delete an inventory item, highlight the part you wish to delete and click “Delete” . The system will prompt you to verify that you wish to perform this action.

→The “Print” button allows you to print a standard inventory report from the stock list. As is the case with most reports in Topline, you can modify the layout of the report by right clicking the "Print" button. You can also print stock reports of different types through the "Reports Module". Refer to the text section labeled: "GENERATING REPORTS: Inventory Reports" for more information.

→Stock labels can be printed by clicking the “Labels” button on the bottom of the Stock List page. You will be asked if you wish to print a label for one stock item or for all stock items. If you wish to only print labels for one item, you need to highlight that item in the stock list before clicking the "Labels" button. By default, the labels will display the part number, the part name, an alternate part, and the part price. You can change the label display or the label layout by right clicking on the "Labels" button.

→Another button that is often useful is the “Export” button. This button will allow you to export data in Topline (such as the Stock List) to an Excel file. Often, vendors would like a stock list in this format. This feature is also helpful when you want to run data analyses to demonstrate your company's productivity. Simply choose which column names you would like to appear in the Excel file and click the "MS Excel Export" button.
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